torsdag den 19. april 2012

Extraordinary Skyrim Cheats

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lørdag den 14. april 2012

Getting married in Skyrim

Getting married in Skyrim, whether its in a online game like Skyrim or real life itself, is a joyous occasion really. Thats why I wanted to create this Skyrim marriage guide for you, so you really can enjoy everything that The Elder Scrolls 5 has to offer. But, just like a real marriage, there is a process in which you have to follow before you can marrie a man, or a woman. First we will have go over how to get married in skyrim and then we will introduce you to all the bachelors and bachelorettes there are around in Skyrim.

But first things first: You are going to need a item called the Amulet of Mara. Lucky for you, it isnt hard to get one:

Get it from Maramel at the Bee and Bard or at the Temple of Mara in Riften for only 200 gold. (I would recommend you just spending the 200 gold coins. It is much easier than all of the other means of getting one).
Found in a chest at the beginning of the main skyrim quest line in Bleak Falls Barrow.
Found as random loot during the The Book of Love quest given by Dinya Balu in Riften.
At Reachcliff Cave there is a minor chance for an Amulet of Mara to be in the locked chest in the final room.
Found in a tent on a beach North of the Dawnstar.

Once you wear an Amulet of Mara more dialogue options will be unlocked if you are wearing it and have done the quest(s) relating to the NPC you are trying to get married in skyrim . Chat up the NPC and tell them that you really want to marry him or her.